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About Hour Treehouse!

New innovative flexible child care options are here! We understand life is like a jungle sometimes and requires a change to our daily schedules. This is why we are happy to offer drop-in hourly services in addition to our regular full time and part time business hours. We can cover "me" time, date night, working late, evening shifts, events, etc. Come visit Hour Treehouse today for more information!

ChildCare Center Services:

We offer flexible full time, part time and drop-in child care services to children ages six weeks to twelve years old. Full time care is 25-50 hours during our regular business hours. Part time care is up to 25 hours during our regular business hours. Drop in care is an hourly rate billed to the minute during our regular business hours. Reservations for drop in care are only needed outside of our regular business hours.


All rate information can be obtained by emailing or calling us directly or by visiting Hour Treehouse Drop-In Child Care Center for a tour. Hourly drop-in rates require a minimum of one hour stay and are billed to the minute.